NEW D&D LogoWizards of the Coast revealed new details Monday about its summer plans for the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The company has scheduled for release a $20 Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set on July 15th, followed by the traditional three (at $50 each): Player’s Handbook on August 19th, Monster Manual on September 30th, and Dungeon Master’s Guide on November 18th.

The Starter Set will include a 32 page rulebook (covering character levels 1-5), an adventure, five pre-generated characters, and one set of dice. In the three-book set, all the essential rules of play will be concentrated in the Player’s Handbook, while the Dungeon Master’s Guide will include world-building advice, magic items, and a variety of optional rules.

Dungeons & Dragons Covers

Along with the rulebooks, WOTC’s product schedule includes two 96-page, $30 adventure books developed by Kobold Press. Both share a storyline the company is calling “Tyranny of Dragons”. Hoard of the Dragon Queen ships with the Player’s Handbook, The Rise of Tiamat October 21st.

In August, Tyranny of Dragons will also show up as a module of Neverwinter, the D&D MMO from Cryptic Studios.

Tyranny of Dragons - Campaign Art - Tiamat

Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms StarterAnother partnership, with WizKids, will deliver a new line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms. The first product, a $20, clear blister-pack will release in July and include six character figures. Then starting in August, four-figure blind booster packs will sell for $16.