Nerf BlasterThe Eau Claire, Wisconsin school district has sent a note to parents warning them about the dangers of an Assassin-like game that high-schoolers are playing with Nerf guns. When interviewed by a local newpaper, an Eau Claire police spokesman speculated about potential problems with driving safety, trespassing, and property damage. He also cited an incident in Wausau, Wisconsin where a group of students were charged with disorderly conduct after being observed by people who did not realize that the guns were toys. The charges were later dropped.

Eau Claire’s letter to parents warned that playing Nerf Wars (also known as Senior Shoot Out) could lead to violations of the school district’s athletic code and that winning prize money, which is sometimes part of the game, could adversely affect a student’s eligibility for athletic competitions.

If Eau Claire really wants something to worry about, they should read our Game Blotter column and warn the parents about the dangers of Dominoes.

[via Leader-Telegram]