EpicArena_LogoEpic Arena, a game by Travian Games and Shadow Masters, is making its way to Android and iOS devices very soon. Players take tactical control over various team decks to maneuver and wipe out their enemy’s strongholds on the board. Party members can be upgraded with items cards, while spell cards add certain advantages to your team.

The game is already available for play on Facebook, and will eventually be coming to Mac and the PC too. Games can be played across all devices using a single account, and matches can take place between players on different devices.

The upcoming mobile version will also arrive with new factions, new events, and new tournaments.

Epic Arena is, and will continue to be, free-to-play. Of course there’s in-game transactions, but the developers stressed to me that the game is balanced so that free and paid players have an equal chance to winning matches.

I’ll have a more in-depth look at the mobile version once it’s available.