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In the new issue of White Dwarf magazine available tomorrow, Games Workshop will make official its announcement of Warhammer 40,000 7th edition. The company will begin accepting preorders immediately and start shipping products on May 24th.

A slipcovered three-volume hardback set of the new Warhammer 40K will retail for £50/$85 and a 2,000-copy limited, boxed Munitorum Edition for £200/$340. Included with the Munitorum Edition are a smaller-format rulebook, an art book (Visions of the Dark Millenium), an A1-sized galaxy map, metal objective markers, tactical objective cards, and psychic cards.

One of the major changes coming in the 7th edition is greater flexibility in army construction, including the possibility of mixed-troop-type unbound armies. Detachment and force organization charts are still included but are no longer mandatory. On the other hand, preset armies convey command benefits.

Another change is the inclusion of tactical objectives in many of the missions. Objectives allow players to score victory points for the achievement of specific battlefield goals. When one objective is completed, a new one is drawn.

And third, Games Workshop is adding a whole new phase to the game. In the new psychic phase, players generate warp charge points for manifesting Psyker powers.