Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.It’s bodge or get bitten when a giant mob of zombies attacks the goblins’ workshop.” With that, Privateer Press introduces you to the crazy world of Zombies Keep Out.

The object of the game is to build three of your machines before the zombies break into your workshop and destroy them all, or worse, break down the main door. The 4 types of zombies, Runners, Brutes, Creepers, and Leapers, each shamble their way towards the workshop to break down your defenses and get in. Runners will always move straight, Brutes will move towards the door, Creepers towards the cellar, and Leapers towards the balcony. To make things even worse, Brutes, Leapers and Creepers do double damage to their respective targets.

What can you do to stop them? Build your machines off destructions, toss spare parts at the zombies, and repair your defenses. Each turn you get to take 1 action (though you can also trade cards as a free action), so make it count!

zombieskeepoutDuring a player’s turn they’ll have to draw a Terrible Things card. There are 3 actions on this card, and you must choose 1 to do. Sometimes you’re adding zombies to the board. Other times you’re making them shamble, discarding cards, moving back your machine progress, or taking a bite. Bites are were the game gets interesting. Not only will they limit the actions you can take, but they also place restrictions on how you interact with your fellow players. One bite and you have to slur your words. Two bites and you grumble your words. Three bites and you can only grunt. Four or more and you must constantly moan while not grunting. It’s a silly mechanic that adds a bit more fun to the game.

Me and my family really enjoyed this one. It almost has a Plants vs Zombies feel to it. The cartoony look of it make it approachable for the younger kids, and the cooperative aspect means that everyone is working towards a common goal.

The verdict? It’s a great game for $36. It’s challenging enough where games are always close, but not so much that you can’t beat the game more often than not.

A copy of Zombies Keep Out was provided free for review by Privateer Press.