Igbo ScrabbleA student graduating with a degree in English Education from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Nigeria has developed a localized version of Scrabble in the hopes of helping to preserve the Igbo language. Referring to a UNESCO report predicting the demise of Igbo within the next 2 decades, Chinonso Ernest Okolie told an educational journal:

That prediction about Igbo language going into extinction by the year 2025 unsettles me… Moved by that prediction I went into the research of how best to restore the seemingly lost glory of Igbo language. And that was how I came about the Igbo Scrabble, a game that involves word formation in Igbo language. My love for English Scrabble contributed to my success.

To accommodate a 36-letter alphabet, Igbo Scrabble has 130 letter tiles, including three blanks. And instead of seven tiles to start the game, players draw eight.

[via The Sun]