EA_axis propaganda posterComing out on this week for iOS devices is Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein. Shenandoah Studio, the ones who also developed Battle of the Bulge, has teamed up with Mark Herman to bring Desert Fox to Apple’s devices. The game will be a universal app, so there will be no need to purchase separate copies for the iPhone and iPad.

Desert Fox takes place in North Africa during World War II. Players can take control of either Commonwealth or Axis forces. Key features of the game include:

• Command tanks, recon units, flak guns, and more in strategic desert warfare
• Call the shots and decide when to attack or defend in campaign mode.
• Learn the ropes through a quick guided tutorial and three learning scenarios.
• Face off against distinct AI opponents, local friends, or players online.
• Battle through two stand-alone scenarios in addition to the grand campaign.
• Relive victories with replays, leaderboards, and achievements.
• Improve your strategy with full rules, charts, and tables.
• Discover history with extensive historical photos and commentary.
• Designed by Mark Herman, award-winning creator of Washington’s War.

Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein will be released June 26th on iTunes for $9.99.