fitnessdiceFitness Dice just hit Indiegogo with a goal of $10,000. Sitting at 9% with 38 days to go, the dice have various exercises and reps to roll up an routine. The 3 dice, A, B, and C, are each keyed to leg an pelvic exercises, stamina exercises, and upper body exercises respectively. The 4th dice has a number of reps. Basically you roll the A die and the rep die, do the exercise, then move to the B die, then the C die. It’s a cool idea, but at a $30 pledge to get a set, it seems a bit … crazy. That’s $30 for 4 dice. I could see $10, but not much more. Of course the price per set drops a bit as the pledge levels increase, but you’ll only get down to $10 a set if you pledge $1000. That’s pretty much the retailer level that gets you 100 sets to sell in your store.