Goliath Games recently released several new kids’ games:

Dino Meal — This hungry Dino has an eggstraordinary appetite. Roll the die to choose which stolen dinosaur egg to rescue first. Then carefully reach in and take out the egg, but watch out. You never know when this intimidating Dino might leap out at you for his next Dino Meal. Win the game by getting the eggs before the Dino gets you.

Barbecue Party — It’s Barbecue Party, the game that decides who will be grill master or dinner disaster! Choose your card to see what you get to put on the grill for dinner, but watch out! This temperamental grill may jump, causing all the food to fall off. The winner is the first player to get 3 items off the grill before the food takes a spill.

Pop the Pig — Pop the Pig has “popped” into the hearts of children around the world. After all, what child can resist an adorable pig who hungrily chomps so many hamburgers his belly pops? Everyone takes turns rolling the die to see how many chomps the pig will take. Push down the pig’s head to eat the burger. With every pump, the pig’s stomach will get bigger, bigger and bigger. But don’t feed him too much, because if he pops … you lose!

Skit LEGO 3They’ve also just released an update to Skit!, an Android/iOS app that lets kids create animated shorts, memes, remixes, etc… with all sorts of great characters and backdrops. The new update includes characters from The LEGO Movie and backgrounds such as CloudCookoo Land, Wild West, Bob’s Kabob Truck, and more. You can snag Skit! from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.