Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat. Slash is a party game in the Apples-to-Apple vein of party games that have been cropping up with more and more frequency lately. This time the game is about unexpected romances.

Feeling almost like it’s riding on the coat tails of Cards Against Humanity, and every other A2A genre party game that came before it, Slash doesn’t really stand out all that well. Sure the package look pretty, but in the end the game falls a bit flat. Like most of these niche party games, you need to have the right group of people to play. Well I found more than enough of the right type of people at ConnectiCon this past weekend, and even they were a bit unimpressed.

Here’s the “How to Play” text from the website:

Everybody gets a hand of their favorite characters from pop culture, history, and literature. The matchmaker  selects one from her hand and places it face up on the table. Each player in turn selects a possible ‘ship  for that character hoping that the matchmaker chooses theirs. But, if she doesn’t you can always narrate the tale of this destined connection to win the favor of the table and overrule the matchmaker.

Simple, right?


SlashTitle New

The game box contains stacks of cards featuring people from many different anime, sci-fi, manga, fantasy, TV, and whatever the hell else you can think about. The goal is to pair them up for a judge, then defend your choice if the judges hates it.

It felt fun for the first round, then got really old really fast. You’re best off downloading the print-and-play version, saving your $25, and getting your 10 minutes of enjoyment out of it.

Better yet, grab Cards Against Humanity. I can’t see may people besides the hardcore ‘ship crowd really digging this one.

A copy of Slash was provided free for review by Playdate.