Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.What’s a great dungeon crawler, lighter the Descent: Journeys in The Dark, and comes packed with some of the most amazing miniatures I’ve seen in a long time?

Come on now, this isn’t hard. You know which game you’re reading a review for.

Super Dungeon Explore! Hooray! You’re so smart.

Super Dungeon Explore is pretty much exactly what it appears to be. A lighthearted dungeon crawler built around some sweet minis. At first I thought the game wouldn’t live up to the miniatures that come with it, but it’s faced paced and great fun. Even though you need a player to play the bad guys, it’s not a chore to do so. Playing the baddies is almost, if not as much, fun as playing the heroes.

The rules a very straight forward, so you can dive right in. There’s also plenty of depth in there from character powers, status effects, and more. All this is easily referenced in the rulebook, so you’re never really getting bogged down in rules. The game can be played in as little as an hour for an 8-bit game, which is 2 heroes, and can be a long-haul dungeon fest with a 32bit game, which plays 5 heroes.

sde_boxtopDid I mention there’s a TON of addons to the game. There is. I don’t have any. That makes me sad.

I played the game with my 2 oldest kids, my son who’s almost 9, and my daughter who’s 7. Neither had too much trouble grasping the basic rules and learning some of the more in-depth stuff as we went along. They haven’t won against me yet, but they’ve come close.

There’s a lot of dungeon crawl games on the market ranging for quick and dirty to all night adventures. Super Dungeon Explore fits right in the middle, and earns its right to be in any fantasy gamer’s collection.

A copy of Super Dungeon Explore was provided free for review by Soda Pop Miniatures.