PKU10944Mark your calendars for October 22nd. That’s the day these two awesome looking Pokemon decks are hitting shelves. These Battle Arena decks have new foil promo versions of Xerneas and Yveltal, and a slew of support cards to fuel Yveltal’s attacks and Xerneas’s defenses.

The set will be around $30, and contain the following:

-Two 60 Pokémon card decks
-20 foil cards in all
-2 metallic coins
-2-player playmat and rulesheet
-1 code card to play these decks online
-2 deckboxes
-2 sets of damage counters
-1 Quick Guide

Note that these are 2 completely new decks, and not a re-release of the Xerneas and Yveltal theme decks that were released a while back.