Dodgeball with spells? Yeah, that’s great.

Peter Newland has recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Wizard Dodgeball, a 2-player, fantasy sports game. I actually had a chance to meet Peter and give the game a quick whirl at PAX East. While I didn’t play enough to give any kind of official review, I enjoyed the game…even though I got stomped.

The game has you moving around the board with your team of players, picking up dodgeballs, and flinging them (and spells) at the opposing team. There’s rules for picking up the ball, throwing it, dropping it, hitting other players, other players catching the ball, and for the various spells you can cast on both your own team and the opposing team. The whole game is fairly fast-paced, and very frantic. Balance shifts between the 2 teams very easily depending on how well you manage the resources you have at your disposal.

You can check out the rules here, and even create your own copy based on the print-and-play resources here.

Right now the game has 25 days left in the campaign, and needs to raise a total of $42,000. Pledging to the project at the $35 level will guarantee you a copy of the game if it gets funded.