Hex Shards of FateWizards of the Coast isn’t the only company that has a problem with Cryptozoic’s Hex: Shards of Fate digital CCG. Cryptozoic’s trademark application for “Hex” is being held up by a potential opposition from Innovation First, makers of  Hexbug robotic toys.

Cryptozoic is seeking a trademark covering computer game software, as well as “comic books, strategy guides,… trading cards, coloring books, adhesive stickers, rub-on transfers, notebooks and stationery-type portfolios, posters, greeting cards, calendars, pictures,… photographs, and prints.”

Innovation First holds trademarks covering “Hex” for toys and playsets and “Hexbug” for “downloadable computer and mobile game software”.

Innovation First has been given until November 19th by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to file its formal opposition. The company may be using that time to work out an arrangement with Cryptozoic.

[via The Cardboard Connection]