What do you get when you put a pig in a lumberjack outfit?

Well you get a hogger logger, but that has very little to do with Hogger Logger, the card game.

Hogger Logger is a fast-paced game of high and low. A card is placed face up with several face down cards below it. Each turn a player must choose a face down card and guess if it is higher or lower than the face up card. If they’re correct, they guess again. If they’re wrong, play moves to the next player. The player that guesses the last face down card wins the round.

Simple, right?

Well you’ve also got a hand of cards you can play from to change to the value of the face up card. You can also earn action cards that let you bend the rules in various ways.

Here’s a video of some dudes playing the game for the first time:

I’ve got to say the game is pretty fun, if not a bit simple. It was easy enough for my 4 year old to play with us, and the kids really got into the whole guessing/playing cards/guessing aspect of the game.

The pig in the lumberjack outfit didn’t hurt either.

Seriously, though. $14 gets you a copy of the game, and you’re guaranteed one now since the game is fully funded. While it’s not for the most die-hard games, it’s a fun game for the family to play without too much of a time commitment to both play and learn.

A preview copy of Hogger Logger was provided by Hogger Logger for review.