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Fabiano Caruana killed it at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. The six contestants represented the highest rated field ever in a Chess tournament, yet Caruana still won 7 out his 10 games, and tied in the remaining three. Caruana fished first with 8.5 points, 3 points ahead of World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

As has been the tradition since 1948, the Moscow Blitz Chess Championship was held outdoors, where the winner in the open section by a significant margin was Alexander Morozevich: 15.5 points in 19 rounds.

With a first place finish at the 6th stage in Sharjah, UAE, Hou Yifan won the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix Series and claimed a place at the Women’s World Championship to be held later in 2015.

With both challenger, Viswanathan Anand, and champion, Magnus Carlsen, having now signed their contracts, the World Chess Championship will take place November 7-27 in Sochi, Russia.


Alexander Shvartsman won the 40th annual International Mori Open in Italy.

Sergio Scarpetta of Italy was crowned Go-As-You-Please (GAYP) World Champion. after defeating the champion of two decades, Ron King of Barbados.

Magic: The Gathering

Veteran player but first-time victor, Brandon Nelson won Grand Prix Salt Lake City with a blue/white deck, qualifying for Pro Tour Fate Reforged.


At the First World Xiangqi Open team event, first place went to China and second to Vietnam.