Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.It’s pretty obvious now that my kids and I are big fans of the Pokemon TCG. We’ve now had a chance to sit down with the Theme Decks from the Furious Fists release, Dark Hammer and Enchanted Echo. The decks feature Pangoro and Sylveon respectively, and have a main focus of getting their base Pokemon evolved into their final form very quickly.

Dark Hammer is a STRONG deck, and plays very agressively by keeping Pokemon energy-loaded and ready to deal some damage. Enchanted Echo is a bit more subtle, pushing the opponent’s Pokemon back to the bench. Sylveon is a glass tank with only 90HP, but an attack that does +50 damage every time you use it.

I like these 2 decks a bit more than the previous Flashfire Theme Decks, but that could just be my play style swaying my decision.