Nagash WarhammerMajor changes are underway in the world of Warhammer. Whether it leads to a new rules edition or simply a new storyline, what Games Workshop is calling “The End Times” has launched with the return of Nagash, the Great Necromancer.

Nagash himself is a multi-part plastic kit selling for $105, plus of course there are Nagash’s undead legions, including Mortarchs, Morghasts, and Spirit Hosts.

A Nagash book ($85, or $165 for the deluxe) is actually a two-volume set—one a 296 page narrative, the other a 96 page collection of rules and scenarios. New rules for The End Times allow armies to field 50 percent more Lords and provide wizards, mages, and sorcerers with access to The Lore of Undeath for their spells.