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The winner of the $22,000 first place prize at the Godswill Akpabio International Scrabble Classics in Nigeria was Nigel Richards, who’s record in the tournament was 21-7 +1767.


The World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa featured girls and boys sections for under-8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. Two players went undefeated, Qiyu Zhou of Canada, who took the trophy in the girls under-14 section, and Jennifer Yu of the United States, who won in the girls under-12 section. At one point, Nguyen Anh Khoi of Vietnam had dropped to 16th place but with a two-win finish claimed first on tie-breakers in the boys under-12. This was not Khoi’s first time as champion. He was the winner of the under-10 category 4 years ago. Among the first-place finishers, 11 different countries were represented.

In first place at the Poker Stars Chess tournament (open section) in Isle of Man was Nigel Short of the UK. In the women’s section, the winner was Dronavalli Hakira of India.


At the Championship Series event in Dallas, Billy Brake used a control deck to duel his way in to the top 16, where he survived four rounds of single-elimination Battle Pack 3: Monster League drafting to come out the winner. In the Dragon Duel section (for players born in 2002 or later), the winner was Tyler Hanson. Both winners were Texas natives.

Rubik’s Cube

A world record blindfolded solution of the 4×4 cube was achieved in 2 minutes, 18.65 seconds by Oliver Frost at the Cuthberts Open in Hatfield, UK.

Another world record, for solution of a 7×7 cube, was achieved in 2 minutes, 38.93 seconds by Vladislav Shavelskiy at the CCC Autumn Open in Moscow, Russia.

Magic: The Gathering

Grand Prix Shanghai, the first Khans of Tarkir limited, was won with The Abzan Houses by Yu Yin of China.

The Mardu clan dominated Grand Prix Orlando, which was won by Eugene Hwang.

Ari Lax made his first podium appearance at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir in Honolulu with the aid of a mid-range Abzan deck.


The 6th German Backgammon Champion is Christoph Wagener.


At the European Championship in Tallinn, Estonia, Roel Boomstra of the Netherlands claimed the title in the men’s general section, while the title in the women’s general section went to Olga Baltazhy of Ukraine. Russians Matrena Nogovitsyna and Mourodoullo Amrillaew won the blitz women’s and men’s sections, respectively.

Alexander Getmanski of Russia placed first in the blitz section and second in the general section of the International Open Draughts Tournament in Bacoli, Italy. The first place finisher in the general section was Alexey Chizhov of Russia.