Coming in January and February of 2015 for Golem Arcana are the Durani Scions of Honor and the Zikia Spirits of the Wildwood. Each set comes with 3 new golems and four new relics.

The contents of both are as follows:

Durani Scions of Honor Expansion

  • The Vigilant Sentinel, a warsprite that targets foes with a Burning Beacon.
  • The Growling Phalanx, a titan designed to protect friends and punish foes.
  • The Blazing Dervish, an ogre that enters into a deadly Blade Dance
  • Foundation Stone of Parvata: a portable hill that can be deployed on the battlefield.
  • Bhakram’s Cauldron: increases a Ranged Attack’s damage.
  • Heart-Pulse of Nadi: repels enemies.
  • Darya’s Fading Helm: increases a Golem’s invulnerability.

Zikia Spirits of the Wildwood Expansion

  • The Creeper, a warsprite that can unleash deadly poison spores.
  • The Thornbeast, an ogre that can dive and drop on enemies.
  • The Fen Lord, a titan that pins down and entangles opponents.
  • The Tears of Dyati: used to create a small lake on the battlefield.
  • The Shoot of Zardt: repels enemies from strategic terrain
  • Kajit-Ura’s Horn: instantly transports a friendly Golem into cover.
  • Jaya’s Gift: used to keep an ally out of harm’s way.

Each will retail for $34.99. Click the images below to get a shot of all 3 miniatures for each expansion.