dominion: adventuresRio Grande Games announced Dominion: Adventures, the ninth expansion for the Dominion card game. The game’s designer, Donald X. Vaccarino, suggests that Adventures is the first of a series of “occasional expansions” for the game line. In a 2012 interview with Andrea Ligabue of, Mr. Vaccarino stated that he saw Dark Ages and Guilds as the last of the regular expansions to Dominion, citing several factors including a desire to develop other games and caution at over-complicating the basic game. “…[E]xpansions get more complex over time,” the designer says. “Many people would prefer them not to be more complex. At the same time a spin-off – a standalone game that has the same core premise but adds some components and rules – can have new simple cards that involve the new stuff. ”

Adventures will have 400 cards, making it the largest expansion to Dominion. In addition to the 30 kingdom cards, the expansion adds event cards, tokens that modify cards, and “Reserve cards that can be saved for the right moment”. The title is scheduled for a 2015 release with a MSRP of $44.95.