Greater Than Games' Freedom Four Annual #1Greater Than Games cancelled their Story War: Sentinel Conflict card game’s Kickstarter campaign on January 5th, citing lack of interest. “We consider this Kickstarter campaign to have successfully done its job. It let us know whether we should make these products or not,” reads the most recent update to the project. “We are glad to have learned that now and not after printing several thousand copies of the game.”

Story War was to be a new party game set in the Sentinels of the Multiverse setting. The Kickstarter would have also funded Cosmic Contest, a 50-page comic book, and (at a $75k stretch goal) a revised version of Freedom Four Annual #1, the first actual comic book from the Sentinels of the Multiverse setting.

“We were more surprised by a general lack of interest in the comic book,” Christopher Badell of GTG states. Requests for actual comic books are received by the company quite often, but with the lack of backer support for comic book reward levels, the company was surprised to find that while “people may be interested in reading comic books from Sentinel Comics, few are interested in purchasing them. And that is good to know. We are still interested in making comic books, and Adam and I will continue to work on them, but they will remain side projects at most…”

The cancellation occurred three days prior to the close of the campaign with $28,097 pledged of a $40,000 goal and 688 backers. In fall of 2014, the Wrath of the Cosmos expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse received 4481 pre-orders.