CHEW Cases of the FDAIDW Games recently announced that the hugely popular independent comic book CHEW will make its way into tabletop gaming starting this May with CHEW: Cases of the FDA card game.

The game was developed in collaboration with comic creator John Laymen and game designer Kevin Wilson of Descent, X-Files, and Arkham Horror fame. Each card features art by Rob Guillory.

The game is set in the Eisner-award winning world of Detective Tony Chu, a “Cibopath” who gets physic impressions from anything he bites into (including human flesh when it is necessary). Two to four players take turns trying to close out cases that appear in the ongoing comic series. Enlist help from such characters as John Colby, Amelia Minz, and more (Do you like how all of their last names refer to food?)

All pre-ordered copies of the game will come with an exclusive variant edition of CHEW #1, which features the “Dogs Playing Poker” homage that is on the cover of the game box. Pre-orders will also come with 20 pink CHOG plastic minis.

Either visit your local board game store, or go to the IDW Games website for more information on where to pre-order.