Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.I don’t know if it’s a Kickstarter curse, or not, but this is the second roleplaying game coming off a successful Kickstarter project that just felt a bit too rushed. While Kromore’s world and mechanics are much, much better than my previously reviewed Traveller 5, the spelling and grammatical errors in the book were jarring. More than a few times I’d get in a good groove reading only to be halted by the how something was written, or by some other error. The first paragraph of the rules was enough to make me have to read it several times over to make sure it wasn’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.

RGK0001 altThat being said, the book impressed me in may ways. The world of Kromore, the characters, mechanics, art, and “completeness” of the book make me think that a bit more editing of the content would have made this system shoot out of the gate like a rocket. That magic system alone is worth the cost of the book.

The mish-mash of content in the book may turn off some readers, but I kind of liked all the options provided within. It brought me a certain sense of nostalgia, and it’s one I can certainly see running a campaign in.