Pathfinder card creator

There is this idea floating around about customized cards made by fans. The idea being that anyone can create a card for a favorite game and fold it right into the deck. If that sounds too fictional to be plausible, think again. now has a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG) card creator that anyone can use to build a custom made character, armor, weapon, or whatever card to add to the core deck.

Created by the team at OneBookShelf in collaboration with Paizo Publishing, the card creator allows fans of PACG to create their own card, which can be purchased and printed for $0.50 each. You can either keep your build private so that it is unique to your deck, or make it publicly available so that other PACG fans can try it out.


Choose from monsters, villains, henchmen, barriers, weapons, spells, armor, loot, items, and allies, with lots more content coming soon. You can name the card, identify the type, add flavor text and game mechanics, and include illustrations from a collection of stock art images provided by Fiery Dragon and Fat Goblin.

The idea behind this card creation tool, according to developer Steve Wieck, is that the card game community can be more deeply involved in games if they are able to contribute to the content.

“I see a gaming landscape where players have the ability to design their own add-ons to any popular board or card game.”

As incredible as it is to have a card creation tool for PACG, the potential for other publishers to jump on board is huge. If successful, there is no telling which game makers would be willing to let fans add their own ideas to the mix.

On the OneBookShelf blog, Wieck notes that several other publishers, including Atlas Games, Cheapass Games, and Stone Blade Entertainment, have already agreed to adding card creation tools to their games.