Fat Dragon Games Wilderness AdventuresFat Dragon Games recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of its newest printable terrain system. The Wilderness Adventures project includes a number of different fantasy-based aspects for users to customize, print, and fold into 3-D models for their 28mm miniatures.

There are a variety of terrain options, like Desert Adventures, Swamps, The Highlands, and more. If you pledge the “Adventurer” option for $60, which includes five different styles of terrain, you will be included in the company’s stretch goal bonuses, which so far include a giant sphinx, collapsible ruins, a goblin camp, a volcano, and a bunch of other specific adventure items.

The terrains will be viewable through Adobe Acrobat and include customizable layers. You can add ivy, change window styles, include adornments, and more.

Some 3-D items, like the woodland trees, easily disassemble into flat-folded items for better storage.

Campaign options range in price from $1 for a Troll Lord Games 3D cart model up to $90 for the whole kit-and-caboodle, including a custom inscription for the ruins and a special exclusive version of the dragon statue. The campaign ends on Feb. 23 with estimated delivery dates scheduled for between April and Dec. 2015.