Game Blotter - A roundup of crimes, legal cases, and when "the law" gets involved with gamesA man that police in Jackson, Mississippi found naked and shot in the “lower extremities” was said to have been “playing dice.” Really?

What sets apart the brawl that erupted over a dice game in Memphis, Tennessee is the fact that it took place in a high school cafeteria during lunch break.

A factory in China is making unlicensed, risque My Little Pony inflatable dolls.

One million fake Peppa Pig toys have been seized by customs authorities in Brazil.

Community organizers in Bakersfield, California are using a Chess-like game to teach youth about the dangers of gang violence. The standard Chess pieces are replaced with “little homie”, “big homie”, “hustler”, “baller”, etc., and after losing a piece players must flip and answer a discussion card.

The Sun Prairie Area School District School Board is using a board game to educate the public about its budgeting process.

Someone in New Jersey is organizing a Cannabis Chess Tournament.

A Target store in Anchorage, Alaska started selling the latest Magic: The Gathering release, Fate Reforged, one day before they were supposed to.

Two UK Chess players took their dispute over a £160 debt to court, the debt related to expenses for attending a Chess tournament in Gibraltar. The judge in the case, however, dismissed it for lack of evidence.

While robbing a GameStop in Renton, Washington, the criminal slit the throat of a store employee.

One of Bill Cosby’s accusers claims that he sexually assaulted her during a game of Backgammon.

A bomb exploded, killing two, at an open-air cafe in Turkey where people gather to play Backgammon.

Seventy-eight people were arrested on gambling charges when police in Hong Kong raided two Mahjong parlors.

Two men shot in North Charleston, South Carolina denied they were participating in a dice game, though witnesses say that is exactly what they were doing. Hey, at least they were wearing clothes!

A man in Chicago was charged with homicide for shooting and killing his friend during a dice game.

At another Chicago-area dice game, a man shot a fellow player “execution-style in the head,” then fired 10 times in to a crowd.