Greater Than Games MergerGreater Than Games (GTG) recently announced that it is unify its forces with Dice Hate Me Games to create an even better powerhouse of successful games publishing.

The immediate affect, according to the company blog, will be unnoticeable to the public. GTG has already been warehousing and shipping for Dice Hate Me Games, so the transition is minimal. Upcoming games publishing from both companies will remain on schedule.

GTG is restructuring its company, as well. There will now be three imprints under the GTG parent. The Sentinel Comics imprint will cover games such as Sentinels of the Multiverse, Sentinel Tactics, and other games within the comic universe. The Dice Hate Me imprint will cover previous titles owned by the company, such as Brew Crafters and VivaJava. Dice Hate Me will also be in charge of future strategy board games. Fabled Nexus is the newest imprint and will cover science fiction and fantasy titles like Galactic Strike Force.

The first game to be published under the new structure is Bottom of the 9th, which begins its Kickstarter campaign on Mar. 1. It is a one or two-player dice and card game based on the final inning of a baseball game. Players compete against each other as pitcher and batter for the final score.