Hasbro logoThere wasn’t a whole lot of game news today out of Hasbro’s annual Toy Fair presentation to investors. It was, however, the first time I’ve seen Dungeons & Dragons make an appearance at any of these events. It was only a logo listed next to WOTC and MtG. But still… progress!

Additionally, the company revealed a few statistics about Magic: The Gathering in 2014. The number of active players was up 6 percent, player spend grew by 11 percent, and the number of store play locations expanded by 5 percent (according to Hasbro’s 4th quarter financial report, to approximately 7,000).

Nevertheless, Hasbro continues to see a lot of additional growth opportunity for the property. In the United States, Hasbro believes that it has only hit about 40 percent of its potential consumer base, while internationally that percentage is closer to 10.