tornio_game_box_front_smallComing out on April 20th, TORNIO ’44 is a light and highly playable company-level game between the Finnish and German forces around the towns of Tornio and Kemi in northern Finland, close to the Swedish border. The game is currently wrapping up playtesting, which you can still be a part of, and English proofreading.

You can check out more information about the game, and pre-order it, over at Prices for the TORINO ’44 are as follows:

  • Boxed version & with dice:
    Retail price = 39 EUR.
    Pre-order price = 29 EUR (until April 19th)
  • Ziplock version & without dice:
    Retail price = 31 EUR.
    Pre-order price = 23 EUR (until April 19th)