Lord of the RIngs Card Game Nightmare ExpansionFantasy Flight Games announced the launch of three new encounter decks for the Lord of the Rings: The card game and Heirs of Númenor expansion’s Against the Shadow cycle. With these three new adventures, players can test their mettle in Nightmare mode with lethal enemies, harsher locations, and even more difficult traps.

The three Nightmare decks provide new, alternate encounter cards for the Heirs of Númenor expansion with specific instructions for how to reshape a scenario’s encounter deck. There are new plots and mechanics, as well as more challenging missions.

Nightmare deck details:

The Steward’s Fear: The Dark Lord’s spies have infiltrated the White City, and their nefarious Plot threatens to plunge all of Gondor into darkness. It’s up to your heroes to cleanse Minas Tirith of this evil, but The Steward’s Fear Nightmare Deck ensures that the conspiracies run deeper than ever, your foes are more cunning and deadly, and the fate of Gondor rests upon a razor’s edge!

The Drúadan Forest: As your heroes pursue the Dark Lord’s servants into the Drúadan Forest, a surprising revelation and new mechanics thrust you into a desperate battle for your lives! The Drúadan Forest Nightmare Deck ensures that the forest’s Wose enemies and their Prowl mechanics make powerful impacts from the game’s outset, all the way through its dramatic conclusion.

Encounter at Amon Dîn: The villagers of Amon Dîn are besieged by a marauding band of Orcs, and only your heroes can save them! However, as you rush to their aid, the Encounter at Amon Dîn Nightmare Deck ensures that you’ll be forced into hard choices at every turn. Will you save the villagers, or will you save yourselves? The more villagers you try to save, the more you put your lives at risk. It’s time to rise to new heights of heroism!

Lord of the Rings Nightmare Deck 1

The Nightmare decks cost $6.95 each and are playable with The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set, combined with The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Heirs of Númenor.