This is the final summary post you’ll get from me before I start digging into the meat of my Toy Fair experience this year. Promise!

Today I technically only did a half day at the fair, as I needed to make sure I got home in time for other things. After waiting around 45 minutes for a shuttle, due to an inch of snow on the ground, I was able to get to the Javitz with a little time to explore before my visit with USAopoly. Thankfully I had that bit of time, as I found an area of the show I had completely missed the previous two days, and there just so happened to be a booth with a game there! The game was TAG, and it was a charming game about creating a collaborative art piece by all the players.

That was pretty much it, though. After seeing some pretty impressive offerings from USAopoly I hoofed it to the Port Authority to catch a bus to Hoboken where I could get in my van and make the 2.5 hour drive home. I barely made it through the door before being attacked by my 3 oldest wondering what I brought home for them, and my newly-walking 1 year old!