You had to have seen this one coming. I mean, come on, I wasn’t going to attend Toy Fair for only a day!

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Anyway! Nothing starts off the day like a free cheese danish and a chat with W. Eric Martin in the Press Room. After that it was a morning of exploration, stopping at Blue Orange Games, All Things Equal, Griddly Games, AEG, KidPlay, ION, and Konami. A quick lunch and it was back to the grindstone, starting with Fantasy Flight Games and finally getting a look at the X-Wing Imperial Raider. Sadly, it was a bit smaller than I expected, but still impressive. It’s an inch longer than the Tantive IV, but side by side it’s pretty hard to tell the difference in length. It was kind of hard to get a pic through the glass, and there was no way they were taking it out to let me get a better look (and feel.)


I hit up a bunch more indie games that I’ll go into more depth with later, Zoch games (including a new version of Bandu!), then saw an amazing $15 plastic dice tower and Kosmos’ new editions of Kahuna, Lost Cities, and Ubongo.

Top that off with a ChiTAG get together to chat with some amazing people and that makes for an awesome, and tiring day. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up USAopoly and a few other things I missed, and will then be heading home. Then all the gory details of what I saw will start emerging.

With that, I’m off to sleep!