gale-force-nineOf last year’s announced licenses, Gale Force Nine has just started shipping Homeland: The Game but has had to delay the Black Sails game to coincide with season three.

This year, the company announced licenses to produce Family Guy and WWE board games.

For Family Guy, Gale Force Nine plans a series of games, starting in the fall with Stewie’s Sexy Party. John Kovaleski, the company’s CEO, described it to me as a “Mad Libs-style scavenger hunt.” Players will be asked to find specific objects on cards featuring images from the television show. The loser of each round will be called “Meg”.

The WWE board game, Gale Force Nine hopes to release in time for Gen Con at a price similar to its other offerings (so around $50). Yes, it will include minis but don’t expect a map-based tactical combat game. Instead, it sounds like GF9 plans to emphasize the drama, meta-story, and antics typically involved in WWE wrestling events. The game will be team-vs-team. Each play will require the selection of a story card (for example, Royal Rumble or Cage Match) and the picking of coalitions. Individual WWE superstars will be represented by customized card decks and hits can be taken inside and outside of the ring.

Also of note regarding the WWE board game is Gale Force Nine’s plan for organized play, which the company says will be supported by the wrestling body and promoted to its existing fans.