ToyFair15Horizontalheader_logoDrawn to the booth by the exquisite craftsmanship of their games, Across the Board had a trio of pub-style games to show off. The uniqueness of each game comes from the fact that they’re all handcrafted out of wood and metal. The boards are all one-of-a-kind as the color, grain, and even species of the wood is different from board to board.

Horseracing Game – $75 – $116

Horseracing GameThe Horseracing Game they have is just that, a gambling game where you’re betting on horses and using a deck of cards to determine which horses are scratched from the race, and which horses then move towards the finish line. A quick demo proved how, even when playing with small coins, a good pot of money can be won from a lucky horse! The game is pure luck, and would fit in well at a pub setting.

Baseball Game – $48

CameraZOOM-20150216135414387Another beautiful game of pure luck. Roll the dice, check the results on chart, and move your polished metal pieces around the bases. There’s even a small dry-erase board on top to keep track of score.

Soccer and Hockey Game

The Soccer and Hockey games differ from the above two as they aren’t games of chance. They’re both dexterity games where you flick a penny around the board. They’re both pretty much identical except for design and placement of the bumper pegs. Both incredibly study, they reminded me of days playing Foosball in my cousin’s basement as a kid. I didn’t snag the prices on these, and couldn’t find them on the website.