Screenshot-Board-Game-Challenge-ID-700x400Indonesia based news outlet Kompas, in collaboration with Indonesian game design company Kummara recently announced the upcoming Board Game Challenge, which is a board game design competition that will premier in 2015.

The Regional Phase of the competition will be held in five of Indonesia’s major cities, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya. Participants will take a game design class provided by Kummara in one of these five cities.

Then, the Board Game Challenge committee will announce the design theme. Participants will have to create a board game based on the parameters set by the committee.

The committee’s theme may differ by regions, so as to include the possibility of adding local culture and influence, such as folklore, tourism, fashion, food, and more. Judges will select finalists from successful submissions. Those chosen will then be invited to Jakarta to participation in the Grand Final.

During the Grand Final stage, the finalists will present their prototype to the judges, as well as players selected from government, corporate, and business members, will play the games and determine the best three board games.

The first place winner will receive 15,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) (approximately $1,100). Second place will receive 10,000,000 IDR (approximately $755). Third place will receive 7,500,000 IDR (approximately $565). The winners will also have the chance for their design to be published by Kompas, and possibly other publishers.