header_imageEverywhere I went in the tabletop floor booths had beautiful, wooden accessories to accent the games being shown. Everyone said the same thing, “Wyrmwood Gaming provided these excellent products.” Be it dice trays, towers, or wooden dice. Wyrmwood had the right idea by making sure at least one of their products were in as many tabletop booths as possible. I was blown away by the quality of what I saw, but it was nothing compared to what I saw at their own booth.

Wyrmwood CrokinoleThe first thing that hit me was this awesome Crokinole board. Not a normal product they sell, but a custom piece. If you’ve got something in mind you want, you can always email Wyrmwood to get a quote for them to make it for you. Their actual product line consists of dice trays, vaults, towers, and deck holders. They even have some non-wooden materials like card sleeves and polyhedral dice.


Their products are bit pricey, but are built to last. There’s no denying the quality of the workmanship, the beauty of the products, and the absolute wow factor each pieces possess.