pkm Roaring Skies logo
The latest set form the Pokémon TCG, Roaring Skies, is set to hit shelves on May 6th. The set boasts over 100 new cards including 11 new EX cards, 4 of which are Mega Evolutions. Making its debut in card form … Mega Rayquaza-EX! Other EX cards include: Mega Latios-EX, Hydreigon-EX, and Thundurus-EX. There’s also new boosts like Mega Turbo and Double Dragon Energy.

I’m a bit more excited about this set than the previous few, even though they’ve all been solid. I know my kids are going to go nuts for Mega Rayquaza-EX, and my daughter for Thundurus-EX (it’s on of her favorite Pokémon.)