Rumpelstiltskin_box-1024x748Alderac Entertainment Group recently announced the official release of the clever guessing game by Nate Heiss, Rumpelstiltskin due out this summer.

Your goal is to guess your opponent’s secret name before they guess yours. However, we are not talking about 20 questions here. You must use the cards in your hand to help you win the game.

This two-player quick game is made up of two decks. Each player controls one deck and draws from it. The last card of the deck is the player’s secret name, which could change at any time due to actions performed on cards. For example, the “Flippy” card’s action requires the player to invert the order of any deck.

Guessing a name is based more on strategy than you think. Each card features a number, which players can track to remember which cards have not yet been played.

You also cannot simply guess your opponent’s name when you think you know the answer. You must play the “Guess” card in order to have that chance. Plus, your opponent could play a reaction card that keeps you from winning.

Because the game is so quick (one play through takes an average of 10 minutes) it is suggested that players compete in rounds of best out of three or five. The winner of each round receives a victory token. The player with the most tokens at the end is the winner.

The game’s contents include

  • 20 Player Cards
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 5 Victory Point Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

Rumpelstiltskin will be available this summer for only $9.99 through board game retailers.