Norsaga is a puzzle-battle game where you’re trying to construct a family tree of heroes to prove you’ve completed a legendary feat. You do this by pairing heroes together throughout the tree to earn inheritance tokens to to match the ones on your Saga. Each hero provides a dominant trait, and the possibility of a recessive trait. You can only use the dominant trait of one of your coupled heroes, but if you match the recessive trait on both, you can snag that one too.

If course it would be too easy to just plop down heroes until you’ve got what you need. That’s were embellishments, ghosts, and poetic skalds. Each let you take special actions, disrupt your oppontents’ family trees, and gain access to powerful abilities. You can get more of a feel for the game by reading the rulebook, or trying the online demo.

Meromorph Games sent me a prototype of the game to try out. I got the deck of cards, but needed to provide tokens and such myself. I’ve had a chance to sit down and play with both my 5-year-old and 9-year old, both who really liked the game. The art on the cards, the simplicity of learning/playing the game, and the quick play time all were contributing factors in the boys’ enjoyment of the game. Before you know it they were planning use of their embellishments and tossing ghosts around like nobody’s business. My little guy needed a bit of help at first, but quickly got the hang of things, and even pulled a victory of his own by the time we were done playing a few games.

Norsaga is almost funded, and you can get in on a copy of the game for only $20. Not a bad deal for such a fun game, in my opinion. This is one you really shouldn’t pass up.

A preview prototype of Norsaga was provided free for review my Meromorph Games.