The kids have spoken, and it turns out Video Game Designer was the overall most popular dream job chosen by kids surveyed around the world.  85% of kids surveyed around the world said they want a different job than their parents.

This, of course, comes from a survey Hasbro did while looking to kid-source career choices for the new update to the Game of Life.

Hasbro recently conducted an online survey in partnership with Wakefield Research of 400 kids (administered via parents) to shed light on several exciting and interesting professional goals of today’s generation. Kids were asked about the “modern” and “traditional” jobs that they would like to have and their top job picks are featured as Career Cards in the newest version of The Game of Life game on shelves now. The statistics derived from the kids’ survey include: Top dream job, least popular dream job, subject children would like to use most in their future job, what kind of workplace atmosphere they would prefer, future salary, etc.

“The survey generated a lot of great insights about what kids think about their futures and we’re excited to introduce a new THE GAME OF LIFE experience that reflects what kids’ career aspirations are today.”

There’s a lot of interesting info gathered from the survey, but for now let’s get the meat of it. The careers in the new version of The Game of Life are now: Singer, Secret Agent, Veterinarian, Teacher, Doctor, Professional Athlete, Scientist, Fashion Designer, Lawyer, Inventor, Chef, Race Car Driver, Dancer, Police Officer, Firefighter and the top pick, Video Game Designer.