Battleground Domination, the first release of expansions for Mage Wars Arena, is now available for pre-order on Arcane Wonders official site.

With the introduction of custom puzzle-cut tiles, players can construct their very own arena layout designs and make use of the special terrain effects on the tiles to their advantage. A brand new game mode named ‘Domination’ also allows players to win in an alternative way by gaining control of the valuable power resource V’Tar orbs. Additionally, 1 copy each of Ankh of Asyra and Blur promo cards will be given as a special bonus in the first printing of the expansion.

Players can choose from two delivery options in the current pre-order: 1) pick-up at Origins 2015, which will be held June 3rd – 7th, or 2) direct shipment upon its expected full release in July 2015. The game plays 2 – 4 players in 90 minutes, pre-order price $44.99.