Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Seen at almost every tabletop booth at PAX East were Wyrmwood Gaming wooden accessories. Be it dice trays, towers, vaults, or deck boxes, you couldn’t escape Wyrmwood’s presence. Their actual booth was a marvel with all sorts of beautiful wooden items, including a custom Crokinole board.

After a few email exchanges I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a dice tower, dice tray, and dice vault to review here. Each of the three pieces was crafted from Purpleheart wood, which I had never really heard about until now. The pictures online looked beautiful, but they’re nothing compared to how the wood looks and feels in person.

Everything arrived wrapped in brown paper bearing the Wyrmwood logo. Once upwrapped I found all the pieces neatly tucked into the dice tray and secured with a leather strap. Here’s the really cool part. The dice tower is flat-packed and snaps together using magnets. This allows for quick and easy disassembly to store right back in the tray. All the pieces fit in perfectly with room for the dice tray.

Wyrmwood dice tower, tray, and vault setIt’s pretty amazing how solid the dice tower is once it’s put together. It fits neatly up against the tray so that dice spill from the tower into the leather-line tray with a satisfying sound and tumble. I have to admit I’ve been using the tower for any game we’ve played with dice in it since the set arrived…even if the game only has 1 or 2 dice.

The dice vault they sent is just as durable and well-crafted. The lid snaps on with magnets, and there’s a stiff foam inside to keep your dice safe. I’ve got my original set of polyhedrals from when I was 8 in there currently.

I couldn’t be more happy with the entire set. They’re amazing pieces of craftsmanship, and I feel lucky to own them. These are items built to the highest standard, and meant to stand the test of time. The best part? Wyrmwood has a Craftsman’s Promise:

There is only one acceptable outcome for our Craftsmen: a product that they can take personal pride in and an -absolutely- satisfied client. If you are unsatisfied with your product for -any- reason at all, we will fully refund or replace the item free of charge. We always guarantee our products, and we will always pay for shipping.

I was told that this guarantee is unconditional, not time-sensitive, and applies to everything they make.

While we feel the price is fair given the quality of our items, we also like to point out that these pieces are an investment, and you’re buying not just the item, but the assurance that it will live up to expectations, as well as our pledge to address it if it doesn’t. We’re very serious about that, both because we believe strongly in making sure our customers are absolutely satisfied and because we only want top notch products out there with our name on them.

I can’t recommend Wyrmwood’s products highly enough, and with a guarantee like that you can feel safe knowing your investment is well made.

A dice tower, tray, and vault were provided free for review by Wyrmwood Gaming.