World SuperstarsWhile I’m still fairly new to Yu-Gi-Oh, it doesn’t take a genius to realize how insane the cards that come in World Superstars booster packs are. Each 5-card booster pack comes with only foil cards, as each card in the 50 card set is nothing but. Many of the cards I received were XYZ monsters, or cards that boost them. My son and I went from not being able to play with an Extra Deck, to each having a rather impressive one. The game has definitely stepped up for us.

You can snag these booster packs for as little at $3, which may seem like a lot for 5 cards. Trust me. These puppies pack a punch. Even one pack will probably get you something to bring your deck to the next level.

Like I said. My son are I are just getting into the swing of things, but World Superstars whetted our appetites for more Yu-Gi-Oh now that we’ve got some power to work with.

Several World Superstars booster packs were provided free for review by Konami