What, it’s about wizards again? Yes, it’s another upcoming game with the ‘magic + witchcraft’ formula. But what makes The Big Book of Madness different from Abracada…What? is that, instead of defeating your opponents, you will have to cooperate with other players, a.k.a. your fellow magic students.

It all started when you’re bored enough to touch this Big Book in the school library (we all know that curiosity means trouble). With a huge monster unleashed to destroy the world on each page, it is you and your friends’ task to build a nice deck, use cards to buff each other, and cast powerful spells to dispel the creatures – above all else, don’t forget to put Fluffy back to sleep.

The Big Book of Madness plays 2 to 5 players in 90 minutes, and is expected to be released in July 2015.