SECE-BoosterENRight before Toy Fair I had posted on Twitter that I would soon be covering Yu-Gi-Oh releases, similar to how I do for Magic and Pokemon. After Toy Fair Konami sent me a handful of Secrets of Eternity booster packs to get my son and I started so I’d have a base to review future sets upon. Not having played Yu-Gi-Oh in many years, I made two decks and went about learning how to play again. There’s a lot to learn, from how to play, various vocabulary, and different types of decks, etc… I actually downloaded the Yu-Gi-Oh app on my phone to help me get things rolling.

In the end the game is pretty simple to play. There’s a lot of book keeping, but things move along very quickly. My son and I were able to really get a feel for things after only a few games, and while we didn’t have enough cards to play with the new Pendulum rules or with extra decks, we had a great time.

Now I can’t compare Secrets of Eternity to anything else at this point since this is our base to review future products, but I can say it didn’t feel like anything that was too hard to grasp.

My only complaint so far is that some cards have a ton of text on them, and it can get a bit small. Good reading comprehension is certainly needed for the game, and it’s not one I’d recommend for younger players

In the end I’m looking forward to providing Yu-Gi-Oh coverage here, and I’m excited to see some of the sets I covered at Toy Fair come through the door.