Zombicide Black Plague 2The hugely popular Zombicide franchise has seen unprecedented fanfare through crowdfunding. The game’s creator, Guillotine Games, recently announced that a brand new stand-alone Zombicide game is in the pipeline.

Zombicide: Black Plague comes into play under the guise of an apocalyptic event that takes place in a medieval-era fantasy world filled with paladins, dwarves, kinghts, and magicians.

Think of it as Dungeons & Dragons meets Zombicide.Zombicide Black Plague 1

The rules have been revamped to be more compatible with its theme. Players will be able to pick up weapons like swords and cross bows, protect themselves with chainmail and shields, and cast spells on the undead or heal party members.

Even though the company seems to be more than capable of producing the next Zombicide game via traditional channels, Guillotine Games is, again, turning to Kickstarter to for crowdfunding. The campaign is expected to launch at the end of May. I guess there is no reason to turn your back on something that works.

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