Double FeatureMy boyfriend doesn’t really like to play board games. However, he loves movies. What better way to bring together my passion with his than with Renegade Games’ Double Feature?

You don’t have to be a movie connoisseur to play this game. The mechanics are broad enough that, as long as you’ve seen some movies in your lifetime, chances are, you’ll get it right.

There are 120 cards covering such topics as props, location, character, scene, genre, setting, and production. Players choose two cards (of different topics) and try to come up with a movie that fits the bill.

For example, one card could be “Comedy” (from the genre pile) and the other could be “New York” (from the setting pile). How many movies can you name that are comedies set in New York?

Double Feature supports three to 10 players for ages 10 and up. A single game takes approximately 20 – 35 minutes. It retails for $20 and is available at your local game store now.