Star Wars Force and DestinyFantasy Flight Games has been working on a new story for the Star Wars role-playing universe. Force and Destiny takes place decades after Vader and Emperor Palpatine overthrew the Jedi Order and committed genocide on every Jedi they could find.

Players take on the role of a Force sensitive that is either a survivor of the slaughter, or a Younling that never even knew the Order existed. You may be able to use the Force to protect weaker planets, or rise to prominence in the Rebel Alliance.

The Core Rulebook will include the “Lessons from the Past” adventure, which sends players to search the wreckage of a lost Jedi starship that might still contain precious artifacts.

The Beginner Game, which includes an Adventure Book, Rulebook, character folios, a foldout map, custom dice, and destiny and character tokens, costs $30 and will be available soon at your local game shop.

The Core Rulebook, which includes comprehensive detailed information on the gameplay, including race, class, politics, galactic geography, Jedi and Sith Orders, starships, weapons, and the “Lessons from the Past” adventure, costs $60 and is scheduled to launch later this month.

The Game Masters Kit, which includes a GM screen, supplemental information, and a complete stand-alone adventure is scheduled to launch in May, but is still in the development stages at the time of this writing.

Three Adversary Decks, Citizens of the Galaxy, Imperials and Rebels, and Scum and Villainy, which each come with 20 cards representing various NPCs to extend your gaming options, cost $7 and are already available in stores.

There is also a Star Wars Dice App, which is compatible with X-Wing Miniatures Game and all Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars role-playing games, available for iOS and Android for $4.99.