Pathfinder RPG Ultimate IntrigueEarlier this week, Paizo revealed its plans for two new Pathfinder RPG books and the next Pathfinder RPG adventure path.

The first book, Bestiary 5, is scheduled for release in November with more than 300 new monsters, plus templates, lists by challenge rating and habitat, and universal monster rules for simplified combat. Among the creatures included are familiars and animal companions, fiends with new mind-warping powers, and entirely new types of devils, angels, demodands, and residents of the Great Beyond.

The second Pathfinder RPG book is to be Ultimate Intrigue, a hardcover that “delves into the shadows, where charm, grace, innuendo, and insult may be more powerful than a sharp sword or spell.” An open playtest for Ultimate Intrigue will open in June.

The next adventure path satisfies a long-standing request by Pathfinder players, a campaign for villains. Hell’s Vengeance will place characters in direct opposition to the previous adventure path, Hell’s Rebels. This time players will find themselves working for the devil-binding Empire of Cheliax and attempting to put down the rebellion.